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Loans can be applied for by Missourians with disabilities, family members, etc. for wheelchairs, electric scooters, hearing aids, computers, augmentative communication devices, electronic print enlarging devices and for other equipment made for people with disabilities. Loans may also be made for the costs of assistive technology services such as an evaluation or trainings to learn how to use a device.

   Man in a Power Chair   Woman in a Ceiling track lift   Man with Hearing Aids   A woman with computer and Vision AT



Frequently asked questions:

Home Access Modifications - Loans may be obtained for home owners for home modification purposes such as: wheelchair ramps, stairway lifts, widening doorways, and bathroom modifications and more. Loans toward the general repair or purchase of homes are not available.

Vehicle Access Modifications - Persons may obtain loans for disability-related modifications to motor vehicles such as wheelchair lifts, ramps, or hand controls. A loan option is also available for accessible vehicle financing.

What are the Terms of the Loan?  From $500 up to $15,000 (Up to $50,000 for an accessible vehicle loan), may be borrowed through the program. For most borrowers, the interest rate is from 2% to 4%. You may contact us at the number below if you have questions about interest rates. The term of the loan will depend in part on the type of equipment or modifications you are applying for.

Who is Eligible to Apply?  Individuals with a disability, or a family member or someone with a disability, can apply, and must be purchasing assistive technology that will enable one or more individuals with a disability to become more independent. Loan applications are reviewed by a review committee. If an applicant has credit history problems, they may contact the program first to inquire about applying. Applicants with credit history problems may also consider applying with a co-applicant with a more favorable credit history.

How do I Apply? Download and print a Loan application, sign, and mail original with attachments.  Or you may call or email the contact information below. You may also contact us to have any questions answered about the application form.  Use the Loan calculator to forecast monthly payments.

For more information, contact Missouri Assistive Technology at (800) 647-8557. You may also send an e-mail to