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Red plate with dividers creating 3 separate food sections AliMed® 3-Compartment Divided Plate

This plate has 3 compartments to keep food separated and vertical dividers help to get food onto the spoon. Plate has a non-slip bottom to help prevent food spills, which can cause slips.

Manufacturer: AliMed

Handle grip with curved knife at bottom Angled Lightweight Knife

Specialty knife made for those with limited wrist or arm movement. 1-1/4" diameter handle has finger contours for a comfortable grasp. Handle made of closed cell foam; utensil heads made of stainless steel. Top-shelf dishwasher safe. Weighs 1.6 oz.

Manufacturer: Homecraft

Blue binder with recipes, color coded measuring cups, color coded measuring spoons, pizza cutter, liquid measuring cup, cutting board, food prep mat Color Coded Chef Kit

The Color Coded Chef Kit is a uniquely designed cooking kit that uses a color coded system for measuring cups, spoons and recipes, to make following recipes easier and more accessible for all abilities. Kit includes specially designed cooking tools, plus color coded recipes. 15 recipes are included in the kit. Recipes categories: Breakfast, dips/snacks, lunch meals, side dishes, the main meal, and of course desserts. Laminated recipes that use color-coded imagery to convey instructions. Check boxes on the recipes to help track each step. Brightly colored measuring cups and spoons that coordinate with the recipe instructions. Durable three-ring binder to hold all your recipes.

Manufacturer: The Color Coded Chef

Fork with black wide grip handle Comfort Grip Utensils

Utensils feature a twist in the metal shaft that allows bending to the right or left at any angle, for customization to individuals self-feeding needs. The soft, non-slip grip with an extra-wide lip on the handle helps to stabilize grip, preventing hand slipping forward. The round handle is a natural fit for those with arthritis, weak grasp, stroke, or other neurological impairments. Comes with fork, knife and spoon.

Manufacturer: Performance Health

Person pulling a dish over out of the oven with oven rack guards on front of oven rack Cool Touch Oven Rack Guards

Cool Touch Oven Rack Guards are fabric guards made from material designed for firefighters that snap easily onto the front rail of most oven racks. The Cool Touch Oven Rack Guard offers protection against burns that can result if you accidentally touch or brush against hot oven racks. Machine Washable.

Manufacturer: JAZ Innovations

Person wearing glove and holding a knife to the gloved hand Cut-Resistant Safety Glove

This glove is made of stainless steel and cut-resistant nylon cord to help prevent cuts when using knives. Glove fits either hand. Machine washable. Protects against most types of accidental cuts, but is not cut proof or point-puncture resistant. Not meant to be used with serrated blades.

Manufacturer: MaxiAids

Cutting board with corner guard, black suction feet, and 2 short, metal spikes in the middle Cutting Board with Holding Pins

The Hi-D Paring Board is a kitchen aid designed for individuals with reduced hand strength or who have only the use of one hand. The paring board has four rubber suction feet to keep the board securely in one place. It also features two aluminum spikes to hold food for peeling and slicing. Corner guard helps prevent food from rolling off.

Manufacturer: Performance Health

2 metal spatulas attached together image coming soonin tong-like fashion Double Metal Spatula

Dual purpose turner and barbeque tongs in one. Perfect for those who need more control when using a spatula. Spatulas can detach for separate use.

Manufacturer: Various

Blue rectangular mat Dycem Mat

Dycem is a mat designed specially for holding things in place. Dycem non-slip mats help prevent unwanted movement or spillage. Non-slip on both sides, the mats grip a wide range of surfaces, whilst providing an unbeatable grip for any item.

Manufacturer: Dycem

Hook-shaped device with handle grip Easy Open Can Opener

'J' shaped product opens ring pull can tops with a simple rocking motion.

Manufacturer: Jokari

Symmetrical grip tool with different sized grooves



Easy Twist Jar Opener

Fits a wide range of lid sizes to aid in jar opening.

Manufacturer: Easy Twist 


Pen, hairbrush, toothbrush, knife and fork, all with a grip attached making a handle-like shape for a hand to slide in EazyHold Universal Cuff

EazyHold gives children and adults the ability to hold onto tons of items with ease. EazyHold straps are made of soft, flexible food-grade silicone, hypoallergenic and latex free. These flexible universal cuffs attach securely to enable a comfortable grip on eating utensils, writing implements, sippy cups, gait trainers, toys and more.
Manufacturer: EazyHold

Silver finger shield Finger Guards for Cutting

These stainless steel guards protect fingers from cuts while chopping. Smooth, rust proof and adjustable to any size finger.

Manufacturer: Various

Wooden stick with grooves Fire Safety Oven Stick

Safely push and pull your oven rack with the Fire Safety Oven Stick. The front of this oven wood stick features a 12-inch printed ruler while the back provides you with a printed meat thermometer reading and cooking time scale.

Manufacturer: MaxiAids

Folding Pot Stabilizer

Folding Pot Stabilizer

For use by the one-handed cook. Holds onto the pot handle while you stir the contents. Constructed of aluminum with rubber suction cups. Folds up for easy storage when not in use.

Manufacturer: MaxiAids

Open, white circular edge with holders Food Bumper

Creates a wall around the plate that allows individuals to scoop food onto their utensil with ease. Keeps food on plate for greater independence for individuals with motor control issues.

Manufacturer: Maddak

Handle with V-shaped grip Grip Jar Opener

The OXO Good Grips Jar Opener helps open jars of all sizes, from small condiment containers to large pickle jars.

Manufacturer: Oxo

Orange glove Heat Resistant Glove

This glove provides heat resistance up to 500 degrees or more. Silicone strips add extra grip.

Manufacturer: various

Faucet with running water and a red light, faucet with running water and a blue light

Hot/Cold Faucet Aid

Indicator light turns hot water red and cold-water blue.

Manufacturer: JIM Home Decoration Store

Handle with oval end and a hook underneath end Jar Key

The Jar Key releases the vacuum seal on the jar without damage to the lid and allows for easy opening.

Manufacturer: Brix Design

Pot with lid, lid has handle and holes for draining




Locking Lid Pot with Strainer Lid

Stainless steel. Drain holes in lid allow steam to escape. Lock-on tabs keep lid tight and prevent food and hot water from spilling over.

Manufacturer: MaxiAids

Fork attached to black device that is curve shaped to fit around a hand MagnaCuff

The MagnaCuff is a magnetized adapted eating device that provides independence to users with absent or impaired finger function to pick up & hold onto a metal fork or spoon to eat meals.
Available in small, medium, and large.

Manufacturer: Assistive Adaptations LLC

Circular, lifted base with opening Meal Lifter

Designed to raise the meal plate to make independent feeding easier.

Manufacturer: Meal Lifter

Cup with U-shaped opening Nosey Cup

The nosey cup makes it possible to drink with little to no head movement.

Manufacturer: Ableware/Maddak

Robotic arm holding a spoon attached to a plate with 4 sections



Obi Feeder

The Obi Feeder is a robotic feeding device that is activated with switch control. It gives access to four compartments of food and the user gets to independently dine.

Manufacturer: Desin LLC

2 different length straws with yellow clip holders



One Way Straw

The One Way Drinking Straw assists users with weak oral musculature and who have difficulty swallowing. The straws have a one-way valve which stays filled with fluid even after removing the straw from the user’s lips. This reduces the effort required to suck through a straw. Adjustable clip holds the straw to the side of the cup

Manufacturer: Various

Tipable half gallon holder with handle and stabilized base




Pour Thing

With the use of only two fingers, this pouring aid can hold liquids and beverages to make pouring easier. Pour thing can hold up to a half gallon or 2-liter container of beverages with a spout, such as milk jugs, juice jugs, and 2-liter soda bottles.

Manufacturer: Sammons Preston/Performance Health

Horizontal handle with curved blade


Rocking T Knife

Rocking T Knife requires less strength and dexterity than other rocker knives. Large handle. Pressure is applied directly above food, using strength of whole palm.

Manufacturer: Sammons Preston/Performance Health

Safe Cut Can Opener

Safe Cut Can Opener

The operation is simple: touch one button to enable it to automatically route and open the can lid. You can turn off the switch when the lid is open. It can automatically grab the lid and pick it up, and work on cans of various sizes.

Manufacturer: BangRui 

Green handheld device with finger grooves

Shopping Bag Handle

This handle helps when carrying heavy shopping bags. Prevents handles from putting pressure on a small area of the fingers.

Manufacturer: Various


Device with wide grip handle and hole with opening at end

S’up Spoon

The spoon has a cavity in the handle that acts as a holding point for food. This design reduces spillage even with vigorous or shaky movements.

Manufacturer: Active Hands

Horizontal handle with circular grip base Universal Knob Turner

Gripping aid that helps turn control knob switches with an ergonomic handle that is comfortable to grip. Provides excellent grip on contoured knobs.

Manufacturer: Homecraft

Weighted Spoon

Weighted Spoon

Help stabilize hands with tremors with a heavy weighted utensil that allows for easier, less frustrating mealtimes.

Manufacturer: various

Dressing/Personal Care

Device Image  Device Description

Foam tube around pen, fork and hairbrush

Adaptive Grip Aids

Wide foam tubing provides a secure grip on everyday items such as pens, toothbrushes, silverware and more for greater stability and control.

Manufacturer: Vive

Button Hook

Button Hook

Jumbo wire loop can be used on almost any size large button. Specially formed stainless steel wire loop goes through the clothing eyelet and secures the button to allow it to be pulled back through the eyelet.

Manufacturer: Various

White rounded wire device holding stocking with person sliding foot in


Easily apply tight stockings without bending or reaching feet. Central column holds the stockings and has a small ridge that prevents movement during application

Manufacturer: Various

Long wooden handle with small hook on one end and large L-shaped hook on other end Dressing Stick

This is designed for people that have limited or no mobility in one of their arms. One end of the Dressing Stick has a small hook for picking up and pulling on lower body garments. The other has a larger hook and pusher that can be used to position clothes without risking damage. A long wooden stem makes it lightweight and effective.

Manufacturer: Various

Blue circular device with light up buttons with bubbles on top Handwashing Timer

Tap the button, scrub hands while the light is on, and begin rinsing when the light goes off and the timer beeps. This 4" sensory timer lasts 23 seconds: 3 seconds for "getting ready" and 20 seconds for actual washing.

Manufacturer: Therapy Shoppe

Grip that a nail file is inserted into

Large Grip Nail File

The Multipurpose Grip rests in the whole hand and offers a variety of uses. Use the small end for a nail file and the wider end for mascara, a toothbrush, or a razor.

Manufacturer: Etac

Curved home with long handle Long-handled Comb

This comb is designed for individuals with arthritis, limited mobility, or general upper extremity disabilities who have difficulty using a standard comb. The extended handle is curved for the best comfort and control for brushing and combing the hair.

Manufacturer: Various

2 foot long metal stick Long-handled Shoehorn

The long-handled shoehorn helps people with a limited range of motion slip into shoes without bending, bruising heels, or crushing the backs of the shoes.

Manufacturer: Duro-Med

Red grip handle with loop and 4 attached tools with different ends Pocket Dresser

The Pocket Dresser contains four primary dressing aids in one pocketknife style tool, making it the ultimate tool for dressing independence.

Manufacturer: Performance Health

Metal ring with clip Ring Zipper Pull

The ring zipper pull makes it easier to handle the zipper pull for a variety of grip needs.

Manufacturer: Various

White halved tube with rope and foam handles


Sock Aid

The Sock Aid is designed to assist individuals who are unable to bend down and put-on socks. Center panel on the wide sock aid has raised slide strips to reduce friction on the heel. Fits any length or size of sock or stocking and has a flat design to prevent itself from rolling during sock application.

Manufacturer: Various

Toothbrush laying in the groove of a rounded square device ToothBrush Pillow

This simple device will hold a toothbrush steady while toothpaste is being applied. It will also hold the toothbrush upright after use.

Manufacturer: ToothBrush Pillow


Device Image  Device Description

Vertical handle with trowel




Adaptive Grip Garden Tools-Trowel and Fork
These tools have an angled handle making it comfortable to use. By keeping your hand and wrist at a natural angle they reduce the strains that can be caused by conventional style garden tools.

Manufacturer: Peta LTD


Clear Card Holder

Clear Card Holder

The 1/2 wide slots in these holders narrow down to 1/8, creating easy entry and a great hold on your cards. Easy to clean, light and stable.

Manufacturer: MaxiAids

White remote with only on/off, channel and volume buttons Flipper 2 Device Universal Remote

Flipper Big Button Remote is specifically designed for Seniors, Elders, Low Vision, Blind and Alzheimer's, and anyone who wants to Simplify their TV viewing experience.

Manufacturer: Flipper

Person holding blue handle device with a crayon attached Functional Hand

A functional grip assist. Holds items in the horizontal or in the vertical orientation.

Manufacturer: Functional Hand

Square device laying flat with vertical and horizontal bars. Arm rest on bar with person holding hand piece, pen attached to hand piece Guided Hands

This assistive device promotes guided hand movements. The sliding system encourages the use of gross motor skills in the shoulders, rather than the limited fine motor skills in the hands.

Manufacturer: Imaginable Solutions

Large Face Playing Cards

Large Face Playing Cards

Low Vision Pinochle Jumbo Playing Cards These low vision playing cards are designed with vision needs in mind. ¾-inch large numbers. Great for the visual impairments.

Manufacturer: Bicycle

LED Desk Lamp

LED Desk Lamp

Energy efficient LED light with an adjustable design. Various lighting options which are easier on the eyes.

Manufacturer: Taotronics

A white and orange device that has an oval opening for the hand and the cutting tool is at the front bottom.

Rotary Scissors

Rotary Scissors are a safe, ergonomic, bladeless tool for long, straight cuts to stiff, thin materials. Good for newsprint, gift-wrap and more. Designed for either right- or left-handed use, the scissors feature a soft-touch lining and ridged thumb rest for a firm, comfortable grip.

Manufacturer: Slice

2 pairs of scissors with blade cover Self-Opening Scissors

Discrete spring automatically opens the scissors.

Manufacturer: Peta Ltd

Open hand holding spoon with attached looped cuff Universal Cuff

Enlarged area of the device fits into the palm and allows easier gripping.

Manufacturer: Various

Writing device holding pencil, hand laying on top of device writing on paper Writing Bird

The Writing Bird is a unique writing device for persons with limited hand coordination, dexterity, or a weak grasp. It slides easily along writing surface using upper arm strength. Only slight downward pressure is needed to write.

Manufacturer: North Coast Medical

Home Safety 

Device Image  Device Description

Rainbow shaped handle bar with horizontal rectangle shaped bar halfway up



Bed Assist Bar

Slips between mattress and box spring to assist with getting in and out of bed.

Manufacturer: Medline

White rainbow shaped handle with clamp on bottom

Clamp on Grab Bar

Clamps on to side of tub to assist with getting in and out of tub safely.

Manufacturer: Drive

Extending metal stick

Magnetic Telescoping Reacher

Handy reacher with a strong magnet to pick up metal items such as keys, paper clips and even small tools. Very compact size.

Manufacturer: Various

Long stick with pincher at one end and handle with pinch trigger at the other end


Reachers come with a variety of grip handles and a variety of pinching ends. Used to retrieve items from out of reach areas or to avoid bending or climbing.

Manufacturer: Various

White weather radio with blue display and an antenna

WR 120 Emergency Weather Alert Radio

The WR120 Emergency Weather Alert Radio features S.A.M.E. EZ localized programming and alerts you to over 60 kinds of weather hazards and emergencies. When a severe weather watch or warning is issued by the National Weather Service, the WR120 automatically alerts you, giving you the seconds you need to seek shelter.

Manufacturer: Midland

WR300 AM/FM Weather Alert Radio with Accessible Bundle Kit

WR300 AM/FM Weather Alert Radio with Accessible Bundle Kit

With the ability to customize the warnings you receive, the WR300 emergency weather alert radio also has a programmable siren level to adjust the volume of your alerts to suit your needs and AM/FM stereo.
Manufacturer: Midland


Device Image Device Description
Car mirror with additional small circular mirror attached Blind Spot Mirrors

Blind spot mirror reduces blind spots for increased visibility.

Manufacturer: Various

Yellow loop device hooked onto seatbelt pulling it Easy Reach Seatbelt Handle

Kinsman Easy Reach Seat Belt Handle provides a flexible extension handle to allow the user to grasp the seat belt while decreasing shoulder and reach extension. Glow-in-the-dark material offers high visibility at night.

Manufacturer: Alimed

Key with extra wide plastic base EZ - Key Turner

A key holder designed for individuals with limited hand strength or grasping ability. These enlarged key toppers are designed to triple the leverage, allowing a person to open hard to turn locks with less effort.

Manufacturer: Carex

T-shaped handle with circular base Gas Cap Wrench

Easily loosens stubborn gas caps.

Manufacturer: Freedom Distributors

Red grip handle with metal piece HandyBar

The HandyBar from Stander gives you independence, balance, and support when standing or sitting from your vehicle. With the added emergency window breaker and seat belt cutting tool, you will have peace of mind when you or your loved ones are traveling.

Manufacturer: Stander

Cane standing up with a cross-shaped base Hurrycane

This self-standing cane has a stable, flexible base and a comfort grip handle. This is a folding style but also available in non-folding style.

Manufacturer: Hurrycane

Metal device attached to bottom on cane with pronged bottom Ice Grip Cane Attachment

Ice grip cane tip is an attachment to the tip of most canes or crutches that helps to promote safer walking on ice and snow. This cane tip has 5 prongs for multiple points of contact with the ice. When the ice grip is not needed, just flip the tip upward and out of the way.

Manufacturer: DMI

Red looped handle grip Large Grip Key Turner

The Hole-In-One Key Holder is ideal for people with limited hand strength and/or function. It provides excellent leverage and can be grasped with the fingers inserted through the hollow center or around the outside.

Manufacturer: Maddak

Leg Lifter



Leg Lifter

Reinforced webbing with a flexible metal rod extends a person's reach to assist in lifting one leg at a time. Place the loop around the foot or cast and gently ease leg up or down as needed.

Manufacturer: MaxiAids

Long horizontal mirror Panoramic Rearview Mirror

Universal 18" Extended Rear View Mirror

Manufacturer: Various

Stick with light facing down, on/off buttons on top and 2 loops on the upper and lower part of the back side Path Light

Path Light mobility light attaches to a cane or walker to illuminate the path. Low light sensor automatically turns the light on and off when cane is in use.

Manufacturer: Path Light

Cane standing up with curved handle and wide base

Posture Cane

The Posture Cane’s handle supports an upright positioning, encouraging a natural gait. The handle takes pressure off the shoulder and wrist. This self-standing, foldable cane can also assist with getting up from a seated position.

Manufacturer: Campbell

Red seat cover for car.  Text says, Unique sliding action. Ruby Slipper

The Ruby Slipper Car Seat Cover is designed with a sliding action that allows passengers to swivel in and out of the car seat with ease.

Manufacturer: Ruby Slipper LLC

Base with 4 legs and hole for cane on top Self-Standing Cane Tip

This cane tip provides balance, stability and allows the cane to be self-standing. The four-tier design allows for better traction. For use with 3/4" tubing and fits most manufacturers' canes.

Manufacturer: Carex

Circular black cushion Sojoy Swivel Seat

Super Soft Gel & Memory Foam Combination- Made with premium quality 100% super soft memory foam infused with a cooling gel top layer to provide additional comfortable support. The gel layer reduces heat and discomfort of long-term sitting.

Manufacturer: Sojoy

Circular cushion with handle Swivel Car Seat

The flexible swivel car seat turns a full 360º to assist with sitting in the car or any other seat. Has a non-slip backing.

Manufacturer: Various

Blue cushion currently lifted with flat black base Upseat Seat Assist

An economical portable lifting seat for those who need help to stand. Using a hydro-pneumatic gas spring, it is fully self-powered and does not require electricity. Activates automatically as the user stands, lifting up to 70% of their weight, up to 220 lbs.

Manufacturer: Carex

Wedge Cushion that is thicker on one end and thinner on the other

Wedge Cushion

The orthopedically designed Ortho Wedge Cushion has a wedge shape with coccyx cut-out to add relief to your tailbone while giving posture support to your back.

Manufacturer: Wagan



Device Image  Device Description
Circular container with 28 pill compartments labeled Monday through Sunday times 4 with a clock display in the middle Automatic Pill Dispenser

This pill dispenser uses electronic dispensing to help patients and caregivers easily monitor pill administration and adhere to their prescribed medication schedule.

Manufacturer: Various

Circular device with 15 sections for pills and a timer in the middle Dose Flip

The Dose Flip is a smart pill box that can help anyone take the right medication at the right times. At the scheduled time, the Dose Flip will sound an alarm and flash light. To dispense, the individual simply flips the pill box over into their hand or a cup and takes the medication.

Manufacturer: Dose Health

Rectangular device in stand with large icons on screen GrandPad

The large buttons and intuitive interface make the GrandPad a simple tablet for seniors who want to video chat, play music and share memories with family and friends.

Manufacturer: GrandPad

Circular timer with black base, black background and large white numbers Low Vision Timer

The tactile long ring, low vision timer comes with White Numbers. Specifically designed for the blind and visually impaired. 8-inch diameter. 1 ¼ inch, Bold, easy to read, tactile numbers. Easy to use by those with weak hands.


Rectangular device with date and time screen on front and 4 different colored buttons on top MedCenter Talking Alarm Clock and Medication Reminder

The talking Alarm Clock alerts users when it is time to take medication with a friendly female voice up to 4 times daily. Alarm will sound periodically until alarm acknowledged button is pressed.

Manufacturer: MedCenter

Medglider Box with Alarms




MedGlider Box with Alarms

The e-pill MedGlider Daily Medication Pill Box system helps organize medications and alarms help to ensure the right dose is taken at the right time.

Manufacturer: E-Pill

Rectangular device with day of the week, time and “morning” displayed.



Reminder Rosie 2

Personalized voice memos for you or your loved one. Record up to 25 personalized voice messages in your own voice or the voice of a loved one. Responds to simple voice commands like "what day is it?," "today's reminders," "reminder off," and more.

Manufacturer: MaxiAids

Green rectangular folding device with picture on left side and small clock on right side



Time Cue

A single-message speech output device allows recording of one message to be set to play at a specific time. There is room for a corresponding picture cue.

Manufacturer: Attainment Company

Time Timer

Time Timer

The Time Timer displays the passage of time with a disappearing red disk. Can ease transitions by showing “how much longer” and “here’s what ‘5 more minutes’ really means”

Manufacturer: Time Timer

Time Time Plus

Time Timer Plus

The Time Timer Plus has all the features of the Time Timer in a rugged and portable design. Great for in-home learning or professionals to increase focus while working.

Manufacturer: Time Timer

Time Tracker

Time Tracker

A terrific way to set time limits, ease transitions and teach time management skills. This innovative timer has three lighted levels—green, yellow, and red— that signal users to the passing of time by flashing sequentially and (if desired) sounding an auditory cue.

Manufacturer: Enabling Devices

Environmental Controls

Device Image Device Description

Link 2 Home Wireless Remote Control

Link 2 Home Wireless Remote Control

No hardwiring or Wi-Fi connection needed to control your lights, fans, small appliances, and holiday décor.

Manufacturer: Link2Home

White rectangular outlet box

Participation Box

This device allows you to control any electrical appliance using a switch. Choose from 3 different activation modes: direct, timed and latched (On/Off). Plug the appliance that you wish to control into the socket located on the box and your switch into the switch input.

Manufacturer: BJLive!

White device with buttons with a blender plugged in PowerLink 4

The PowerLink4 control unit allows switch users to control up to two electrical appliances with single switches. Six unique modes of control allow you to define exactly how, and for how long, appliances will be operated. Accepts any single switch.

Manufacturer: Ablenet

Robotic Pets

Device Image Device Description

Robotic puppy

Joy for All Companion Pet (Pup)

In between naps and being adorable real puppies require a lot of special attention. AGELESS INNOVATION'S JOY FOR ALL Companion Pet Pups has all the love in the world to give but it won't chew up your slipper! Thanks to built-in sensors and speakers the pup can recreate some of the more delightful moments of owning a dog including being a best friend for aging loved ones.- Built-in sensors respond to motion and touch- Feel the heartbeat with your calming touch- Lifelike coat and authentic sounds- Responds to your voice with BARKBACK technology

Manufacturer: Joy For All

Robotic Cat

Joy For All Companion Pet (Cat)

JOY FOR ALL Companion Pet cats look, feel, and sound like the real thing. But they're so much more than soft fur, soothing purrs, and pleasing meows. Thanks to built-in sensor technology, Companion Pet cats respond to petting and motion much like the cats you know and love. This two-way interaction helps create a personally rich experience that can bring fun, joy, and friendship to you and your loved ones.

Manufacturer: Joy For All