Assistive Technology devices can improve independence, participation, and inclusion for people with disabilities in the workplace, community, at home and in the classroom.

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    Edition 1   3/26/20  This edition contains an introduction to MoAT, Remote Learner resources and a few AT products offered for free during the pandemic.
    Edition 2   4/2/20  This edition contains more information for remote learning (Cricksoft, Mindview, Clicker8, Veroniiiica and More) a list of great resources.
    Edition 3   4/10/20  This edition introduces remote learning resources such as Logan Tech, Claro, and ViewPlus. A new video series starts from MoAT. The first device review is on the LiveScribe Pen. The links take you to our YouTube channel.
    Edition 4   4/20/20  This edition explains secondary means of communication and access and offers a quick demo of the Easy Reacher Seat Belt Grabber.

Edition 5   4/28/20  This edition offers more MoAT demo videos on various devices. Read about Sophie’s Run a fundraiser to help fund technology for children in the community.

Edition 6   5/4/20  This edition explains how ETC offers adaptive gaming devices. Staff also present some DIY videos for stands for the iPad. Therese Willkomm demonstrates how to create a tablet stand.

Edition 7   5/15/20  This edition documents the reopening of MoAT during the pandemic. Staff offers a demonstration video on adaptive typing.

Edition 8   5/19/20  A device in ETC, the Obi Robot Feeder is highlighted in this edition. We also introduce the Taptilo Braille Trainer, Braille blocks for learning Braille.

Edition 9   5/26/20  This edition explains Universal Design in lesson plans. You’ll also find a few videos that highlight alternative computer input devices.

Edition 10  6/9/20  This edition offers a video on accessibility that is built into the Microsoft education platforms and we introduce the Grandpad.

Edition 11  6/16/20  This edition covers aspects of AT for reading and writing and other AT.

Edition 12  6/23/20  This edition introduces the Frog and learn how in crawling, it promotes cognitive development.

Edition 13  6/30/20  This edition’s leading article is on Morgan’s Wonderland, a great resource for accessible play. You will also learn more about the ATR program and how it supports the Missouri Schools.

Edition 14  7/7/20  Missouri Assistive Technology, through their partnership with Microsoft, has been able to help individuals like Brenden continue gaming after his recent amputation. Here is his story.

Edition 15  7/14/20  This edition tells you how to access an iPad with a single switch input and reminds you that our YouTube channel is chalk full of resources.

Edition 16  7/21/20  This edition talks about how to use Guided Access on an iPad to reduce distractions in an open platform setting.

Edition 17  7/28/20  Learn about the Double Robot and how it helps with remote connect, learning and more.

Edition 18  8/6/20  This edition features the ECT Lending library. Learn about how it works and what devices are available for loan.

Edition 19  8/12/20  This edition announces the past AT Boot Camp registration. But, it also features some devices such as the Pretorian iSwitch, RAM iPad cradle and a video by staff on adaptations for the vehicle.

Edition 20  8/18/20  This edition announces the opening of the ATR grant cycle. You can also learn about gadgets that make things easier in the kitchen and a hands free computer mic.

Edition 21  8/25/20  This edition features a device called Quha Zono, a device that uses little head movement for computer input. You can also lean about the writing kit available in ETC and how to use the Amigo, a hand held magnification devices you can take on the go.

Edition 22  9/1/20  This edition offers an article on comparing popular text-to-speech literacy tools.

Edition 23  9/15/20  This edition offers highlights on devices in the ETC lending library: Blue2 Bluetooth Switch, head tracking on the Touch Chat iPad app, RAM iPad Cradle and much more.

Edition 24  9/22/20  This edition offers details about applying for the ATR grant for school districts and some of the devices that can be applied for are highlighted.

Edition 25  9/30/20  This edition announces a workshop on DIY iPad stands held in October 2020, and a device highlighted is the Twiddler3.

Edition 26  10/7/20  This edition highlights the Microsoft Immersive Reader and the one handed keyboard, Tipy.

Edition 27  10/20/20  This edition offers an example of how device comparison can help an individual make an informed decision. Natalie tries out several mouse options.

Edition 28  11/3/20  This edition highlights one attorney that uses AT to get the job done! You will also learn about how robotic pets helped seniors deal with isolation during a pandemic. A featured app in this newsletter is Jabberwocky AAC.

Edition 29  11/17/20  This edition offers a comparison of the electronic pens used for students with learning disabilities.

Edition 30  12/10/20  This edition reviews adaptive play options.

Edition 31  12/22/20  This edition features Natasha who sails on the ocean using sip and puff technology.




Edition 32   1/13/21  This edition offers alternative input solutions from BJOY for users with physical limitations.

Edition 33   2/9/21  This edition introduces MoAT’s ETC device loan "kits" that you will be able to borrow. The kits are based on a broad range of need.

Edition 34   2/26/21  This edition features a success story at MoAT for an individual to used AAC with the understanding of cause and effect. The article outlines tips to use with students struggling with cause and effect thinking.

Edition 35   4/7/21  This edition reviews questions the IEP team should consider when discussing AT needs.

Edition 36   6/4/21  This edition announces that MoAT receives a grant from the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation for adaptive gaming.

Edition 37   7/13/21  This edition explains the new WinSlate AAC Device and it is available for loan through the ETC lending library.

Edition 38   8/10/21  This edition offers an introduction to AbleNet University and how to make any iPad app switch accessible.

Edition 39  10/13/21  This edition reviews the ETC lending library, “Dyslexia Support Evaluation Kit".



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