Depending on your needs, there are a variety of resources and strategies to help you buy accessible products, solutions, and services. Most purchases require buyers to provide accessibility information about the product, and/or accept accessibility language in contracts.


Voluntary Product Accessibility Templates┬« (VPATs) are a tool to measure an organization’s ability to demonstrate their product’s support for accessibility within the confines of a proposal or bid. It does not replace acceptance testing upon delivery, third-party testing, other accessibility verification, and end-user testing. It is best used as a component when scoring vendor proposals.

All solicitations for IT products, whether COTS (commercial off the shelf) or as part of an integration offering, must include a requirement for a VPAT. When including requirements for a VPAT, be sure to request separate VPATs for each user interface.


Standards for access extends to a state contractor ICT.   Include accessibility standards in your contracts with clearly stated expectations.   Here are a few resources to learn from when determining Procurement ICT Accessibility standards or policies. 

Suggested Contract Language

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