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Aaron Bishop

Opening Keynote --  Aaron Bishop


Throughout his over 20 plus year career, Aaron Bishop has advocated for the civil rights of persons with disabilities, both as a direct service provider in his home state of Wisconsin, as a policy advisor on Capitol Hill, and as an executive in the federal government.  Aaron is a respected leader in the field of disability who has expert knowledge of legislative, political, economic and civil rights issues impacting people with disabilities. 

Most recently, Aaron Bishop lead the Administration on Disabilities (AoD) in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.  As the agency’s first Commissioner Aaron, a staff of 30 and a $400 million budget worked with states, communities, and partners in the disability networks to increase the independence, productivity, and community integration of individuals with disabilities.  Prior to the creation of this federal office, Mr. Bishop served for two years as the Commissioner of the Administration on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities two plus years as the Executive Director of the National Council on Disability and 7 years as staff in the United States Senate.



Jessica CoxClosing Endnote -- Jessica Cox


Anyone who calls Jessica Cox “disabled” because she was born without arms would be deeply mistaken. After all, Jessica can do things that most people with two arms cannot; like fly an airplane! One of Jessica’s favorite speaking engagements is when she gets to tell people the inspiring story of how she was able to use her unique situation as an advantage that has allowed her to capture worldwide attention and admiration. Jessica has many hobbies, but one of the most fulfilling things she can possibly do is inspire people to stop looking at themselves as “disabled” and start considering themselves to be “differently-abled!”

Although a “disability” isn’t always something that people can see, it is easy for life’s obstacles to trip you up as you chase your goals. Jessica Cox has a tried-and-true strategy for how people can learn to see their negative situations as positives. You might not be missing your arms, but you can still be inspired by Jessica’s strategy on how to turn your perceived disadvantages into advantages.


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