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This loan program will help individuals needing to purchase assistive technology, transition from no or poor credit to good credit so that they can qualify for a Show Me Loan.   Applicants are paired with a coach to meet every 2 weeks to review the applicants credit and budget concerns. Weekly assignments are given, customized to the applicant's needs to build credit and manage money.  The applicant will also save a monthly payment towards the cost of the assistive technology.  The one-on-one coaching can take 6 months to 9 months to show a change in credit improvement. 


Fresh Start is free!   Telephone meetings are private and are customize to each participant.  Outcomes will include the development of a monthly budget, credit building, and establishment of a regular savings to be applied to a future Show Me Loan.   


Participants must commit to:

  • Bi-weekly phone calls with our certified Financial Counselor.
  • Complete credit improvement tasks over a 6 month period.
  • Save a manageable monthly amount toward their Show Me Loan.
  • Wanting to build their credit footprint.
  • Intending to finance assistive technology at the end of the 6 month period.



It is possible to build or rebuild your credit with guidance. Contact our office to speak with Eileen  at 816-655-6702 about joining the Fresh Start Program.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can The Loan Be Used For Home Access Modifications?

Loans may be made for home owners for home modification purposes such as: wheelchair ramps, stairway lifts, widening doorways, and bathroom modifications and more. Loans toward the general repair or purchase of homes are not available.

Can The Loan Be Used For Vehicle Access Modifications?

People may get loans for disability-related changes to motor vehicles such as wheelchair lifts, ramps, or hand controls. 

As of July 1, 2016, Missouri Assistive Technology Show Me Loans program, will no longer offer a financing option for vehicles.  We will continue to offer financing for the accessible equipment on new or used vehicles, up to $20,000.   A mobility vendor can help with breaking out the cost difference between the vehicle itself and the cost value of the componets that makes the vehilce accessible. 


What are the Terms of the Loan? 


From $500 up to $15,000  and up to $20,000 for vehicle modifications may be borrowed through the program. For most borrowers, the interest rate is from 2% to 4%. You may contact us at the number below if you have questions about interest rates. The term of the loan will depend in part on the type of equipment or modifications you are applying for.

Who is Eligible to Apply? 

Individuals with a disability, or a family member or someone with a disability, can apply, and must be buying assistive technology that will enable one or more individuals with a disability to become more independent. Loan applications are reviewed by a review committee. If an applicant has credit history problems, they may contact the program first to ask about applying. People with credit history problems may also consider applying with a co-applicant with a more favorable credit history.


Can someone only work on credit and not take out a loan?


No.   This is a two part program.   The participant works on their credit while saving their monthly loan payment.   At the end the applicant is in a better position to apply for the Show Me Loans. This program is established for the purpose of purchasing assistive technology and the person best matched will have been denied other ways of financing.

See our brief list above of who the ideal participant is for the Fresh Start Loan Program.


If you do not need to finance assistive technology with our loan interest loan and need credit counseling help, you can ask for a recommendation from your banking institution or visit our Financial Literacy web page.


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How do I Apply? 

 Download and print a Show Me Loans Loan application, sign, and mail original with attachments. If you have further questions you may call or email the contact information below. Use the Loan calculator  to forecast monthly payments.

Borrowers that participate in the Show Me Loans program are able to have their loan repayment history reported to TransUnion and Equifax credit bureaus through our partnership with Credit Builders Alliance. 

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For more information, contact Missouri Assistive Technology at (800) 647-8557. You may also send an e-mail to