AT User Video Series

The AT User video series offers a quick look at Missouri residents with disabilities that use assistive technology to access the Internet.  In this introductory video, hear firsthand from each person what access barriers they experience, what can work better and, why web accessibility matters.   Why Web Accessibility Matters

Meet the Cast

Jim is a computer instructor and adaptive technology instructor. During this video, Jim demonstrates how he uses his iPhone to read a website.  Jim knows firsthand how challenging it can be for a person who is blind to read and navigate through a website.  Learn more from Jim about website accessibility barriers and what makes for a delightful shopping experience.

Mary has a change in vision at the age of 29 and has utilized assistive technology for most of her life. Hear more about access needs on a web page for a person with low vision.

Andrew is a person with a physical disability. He is the Deputy Commissioner for the Office on the Disabled for the City of Saint Louis. Hear about the assistive technology he uses to access the web, make documents accessible and why access matters. 

April is a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor for the deaf and hard-of-hearing out of Jefferson City, MO. She offers some insight into what makes an accessible website experience for an individual that is deaf or hard-of-hearing. 

Bobby works for Missouri Rehabilitation Services for the Blind as a Rehabilitation Teach for the Blind.  He helps clients who are blind or visually impaired to live independent lives. As a person with low vision, he knows firsthand that access to websites can be challenging. Learn more by meeting Bobby.

At the age of 24, Gretchen became blind, but adapted to her new situation through the use of assistive technology and a guide dog. She has become a go-to person in Missouri for Web Accessibility. She is an active participant in the Mid-Mo Web Accessibility Meetup group. Hear some great tips on how to make a website accessible for screen readers and folks who are visually impaired.

Darrel is retired, but has a background in information technology. He volunteers to help organizations build their websites. Darrel is blind and he understand the importance of web access and what it takes to build an accessible site. 

Shelly is a person with a mobility disability. She is the creator and developer of Angel Paws Inc, a non-profit educational resource about service animals located in the Kansas City area. Hear how she accesses the internet to research service animals and the barriers she encounters. 

Darren works in IT for the University of Missouri. Darren lives with an advanced form of muscular dystrophy called Spinal Muscular Atrophy. By 2005, his disease progression had reached complete paralysis, with the exception of surviving facial muscles and a left pectoral muscle. Darren talks about the importance of building an accessible website including alternate options for online task completion.