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Welcome to MoAT!

Missouri Assistive Technology strives to increase access to assistive technology for Missourians with all types of disabilities, of all ages. To the right are navigation links to the programs and services of MoAT.


Power Up to The Summit 2018

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We want to thank the Statewide Independent Living Council, all of the presenters and volunteers for making Power Up to The Summit a success.  

Power Up to The Summit 2018 was held at the Holiday Inn Executive Center in Columbia, MO, April 16 & 17, 2018.  More Conference details area available on our Conference Page



Power Up to The Summit 2018 Attendee Scholarships

We want to shout out a big THANK YOU to our Attendee Scholarship Sponsors: Missouri Developmental Disabilities Council, Missouri Council of the Blind and Listen Technologies. 

Service Snapshot

In State FY 2017, MoAT delivered 8,264 assistive devices and provided support services to 26,900 Missourians with disabilities, family members and professionals.

1,845  -  ETC devices loaned

3,299  -  Device demonstrations provided

2,303  - Tap for Telephone, adaptive telephones provided

686  -    Tap for Internet, adaptive computer devices provided

44-        KAT (Kids Assistive Technology) devices provided

273  -    ATR (Assistive Technology Reimbursement) devices provided

27  -      Show Me Loans provided

232  -    Deaf-Blind devices provided

24  -      MFP (Money Follows the Person) consumers assisted

2,743 -  Device re-use items transferred to new owner

11,983 -Individual information and assistance requests

4,360  - Individuals attended trainings and workshops



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