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Program Updates

The Assistive Technology Reimbursement Program (ATR) is closed for the remainder of the 2020-2021 school year. Information on funding for the 2021-2022 school year will be posted around the middle of July.



Learning Disabilities Awareness Week

June 14th through the 20th is Learning Disabilities Awareness Week. Learning disabilities are considered neurological disorders. Put differently, the brain of a person with a learning disability is simply wired differently. Learning disabilities can’t be cured or fixed, but with the right support, including assistive technology, anyone with a learning disability can succeed in school, employment and in the community.

Individuals who have learning disabilities may experience difficulty reading, writing, spelling, reasoning and/or organizing information. From apps to software to stand alone devices, the difficulties faced by people with learning disabilities can be helped through matching them up with the appropriate device. A poor reader, for example, can be assisted through text-to-speech software or a simple notetaking app might be useful for someone who has difficulty staying organized. Each year, Missouri Assistive Technology helps identify and incorporate AT solutions into the lives of dozens of children and adults who experience learning disabilities.

Numerous informational resources about learning disabilities can be found on-line. Two of our favorites are Understood.org and LD Online.


Our demonstration centers are great locations to see, try and learn about devices. Agencies and individuals might consider borrowing a device through our ETC program and our TAP-I and ATR programs are potential sources for acquiring devices. Give us a call, drop us an email and let us know how we can help you become aware of AT for learning disabilities.


A learning disability is a neurological disorder. In simple terms, a learning disability results from a difference in the way a person's brain is "wired." Children with learning disabilities are as smart or smarter than their peers. But they may have difficulty reading, writing, spelling, reasoning, recalling and/or organizing information if left to figure things out by themselves or if taught in conventional ways.


A learning disability can't be cured or fixed; it is a lifelong issue. With the right support and intervention, however, children with learning disabilities can succeed in school and go on to successful, often distinguished careers later in life.

MoAT Service Snapshot

In State FY 2020, Missouri Assistive Technology enhanced the lives of over 50,000 Missourians with disabilities, family members and professionals. Our programs provided 6,339 individuals with appropriate assistive devices and an additional 17,415 Missourians participated in training, received AT demonstrations, borrowed devices through our loan program, or received AT guidance.

  Assistive devices loaned
 Individuals participated in device demonstrations
  TAP for Telephone & Internet devices provided
  Families assisted through the Kids Assistive Technology Program (KAT)
  Show Me Loans approved
  Deaf-Blind (iCanConnect) devices provided
  Money Follows the Person (MFP) consumers assisted
  Students with disabilities received devices through ATR
  Gently used devices transferred to new owners
  Individual information and assistance requests handled
  Individuals attended trainings, workshops and public outreach events