Show Me Loans are low-interest financial loans available to enhance the independence of Missourians with disabilities or age-related changes. There are four types of Show Me Loans available: General AT Loan, Micro Loan, Accessible Vehicle Loan and WorkAbility Loan.


  • Be a Missouri resident
  • Be a person with a disability, a person with an age-related change, or a family member of an individual with a disability or age-related change.
  • Be legally old enough to enter into a contract
  • Loans can only be used for qualifying items (i.e. assistive technology, durable medical equipment, vehicle access modifications, homeowner access modifications, hearing aids, et al).
  • Obtain a quote from a vendor of your choice for the items to be purchased with the loan. (Need help finding a vendor? Give our office a call)
  • Be financially able to afford a monthly loan payment.

Show Me Loans Available

This loan is for most types of AT devices and services including hearing aids, home adaptations to a family or individual owned home, vehicle adaptations for a family or personal owned vehicle, seating and positioning devices, communication devices, adaptive recreation aids, etc. Loans from $500 to $15,000 are available.

Loans under $500 to be used to purchase assistive technology, durable medical equipment (DME), or for device or DME repair. Examples include wearable devices, tablets with AT apps, computers, home automation devices, etc. Device warranties, shipping costs, maintenance agreements and similar costs can be included in the loan amount.

For communication devices, written verification of a successful device trial or of a device evaluation is strongly encouraged.

Micro loans can be used to purchase refurbished DME, but only through Accessibility Medical and must include a warranty purchased through them. Accessibility can ship devices statewide.

Financing up to $50,000 for an accessible or converted driver or passenger access vehicle. (A limited number of accessible vehicle loans are made per year, please call our office before applying.) Loan terms vary and are connected with the age of the vehicle.  Vehicles cannot be more than 9 years old.  Call our office for questions regarding the loan terms. 

Financing for employment-based and related equipment and devices. Loans range from $500 to $15,000. Loans must be related to one of the following:

  • Obtaining employment.
  • Self-employment. (Must provide a business plan.)
  • Working remotely for an employer. (Must provide verification of employment.)

Interest Rates

Interest rate for all loans will be between 2% to 4% based on the income guideline lines stated on the  Loan Calculator page.

Show Me Loans Application


Financial literacy and understanding credit are important issues for families and persons with disabilities needing assistive technology. A variety of useful resources exist to help learn more.  Financial Smarts

Are you looking for funding options other than financing with low repayment interest rates?

If you qualify, open a STABLE account with MOABLE.  Assistive Technology is a qualified expense with the MOABLE program. To learn more about STABLE Accounts, what the benefits are, and who is eligible, visit their  MOABLE.

Loan Borrowers

Loan borrowers can make a payment using a credit card or debit card at  Show Me Loan Payment.