Show Me Loans offers low-interest loans to Missourians with a disability. The general loan enables Missourians an option to buy assistive technology equipment and devices, home access improvements or vehicle access modifications for persons with disabilities in Missouri.  

Show Me Loans Fresh Start Program


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Show Me Loans is happy to announce the Fresh Start  Loan Program.  This program will help individuals transition from no or poor credit to good credit so that they can qualify for a Show Me Loan. The Fresh Start Program is seeking participants!

The ideal participant is someone who may:

  • Have medical bills in collections.
  • Have inaccurate data on their credit history.
  • Be behind on monthly payments.
  • Have items in collections that don't look familiar.
  • Need to control their monthly budget.
  • Not have a credit footprint.


Participants must commit to:

  • Bi-weekly phone calls with our certified Financial Counselor.
  • Complete credit improvement tasks over a 9 month period.
  • Save a manageable monthly amount toward their Show Me Loan.
  • Wanting to improve their credit footprint.
  • Intending to finance assistive technology at the end of the 6 month period.


Fresh Start is free!   Meetings are private and are custom designed to fix credit issues.  Outcomes will include the development of a monthly budget, establishing regular savings to be applied to a future Show Me Loan.   This is an empowering option for folks with disabilities that need to purchase assistive technology.


It is possible to improve your credit with guidance. If you need to purchase assistive technology and you are faced with the need to clean up credit or debit, contact our office to speak with Eileen  at 816-655-6702 about joining the Fresh Start Program.    


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To apply, download the  application,  for all of your Assistive Technology financing needs.  Print out the whole application and then, sign, attached the required supporting paperwork.  Supporting paperwork required is as follows:

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  • Documentation for everyone on the loan that shows monthly or annual income.
  • Documentation that explains the diagnosis of the disability for the person needing the assistive technology.
  • A document that shows what you need to buy, what it costs and the place you will buy it from.
  • A copy of a state identification card for everyone on the loan.

Mail the original application packet to:


Missouri Assistive Technology
Attn.: Show Me Loans
1501 NW Jefferson St.
Blue Springs, MO  64015


If you need a paper copy sent to your home, or have questions related to applying, please call Eileen at 816-655-6702 or 1-800-647-8557 or email at            

The WorkAbility loan program available to Missourians is for the purchase of equipment needed by someone with a disability to work from home or a remote site away from an office.  Computers, equipment used on a farm or ranch, tools, office machines, hearing aids, and software are examples of eligible equipment.  

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To apply download and print the whole, application, sign, attached the required supporting paperwork.

Mail the original application packet to:


Missouri Assistive Technology
Attn.: Show Me Loans
1501 NW Jefferson St.
Blue Springs, MO  64015


If you need a paper copy sent to your home, or have questions about applying, please call Eileen at 816-655-6702 or 1-800-647-8557.

Show Me Loans, Accessible Vehicle Loans


As of July 1, 2016, Missouri Assistive Technology Show Me Loans program, will no longer offer a financing option for vehicles.  We will continue to offer financing for the accessible equipment on new or used vehicles, up to $20,000.   

The interest rates are 2 % to 4 % based on household income.  You can find full information about interest rates and terms on our Show-Me Loans webpage at:


Program Brochures


Financial Literacy Resources

Financial literacy and understanding credit are important issues for families and persons with disabilities needing assistive technology.  A variety of useful resources exist to help learn more.

Funding Resources

Are you looking for funding options other than financing with low repayment interest rates? Here are some funding resources: