Students who struggle to decode or extract meaning from print materials may need accessible instructional materials to receive an appropriate education. Accessible educational materials (AEM) include the specialized formats of audio, Braille, eText, and large print and are needed by students with disabilities such as visual impairment, physical impairment, traumatic brain injury, learning disabilities, etc. The links below can assist schools to provide AEM needed by students with disabilities.

Accessibility Resources For Educators

MoAT Text-To-Speech Projects, Guide, and Video

Missouri Assistive Technology initiated pilot projects to evaluate the impact of using AEM and text-to-speech technology (TTS) on outcomes for at-risk high school students due to print-related disabilities. The results showed a dramatic impact on outcomes for the students. The project evolved into the development in Missouri of two resources to help schools throughout the country develop their own text-to-speech/AEM programs. An Implementation Guide and a TTS video were developed for national dissemination and can be found on the following links: