TAP for Telephone program provides access to basic voice telephone calling (both sending and receiving) for individuals with all types of disabilities through the delivery of adaptive telephone equipment. The program provides such equipment as text telephones, voice carry over phones, phone for hearing carry over, amplified phones, Braille phones, hands-free phones and photo phones.

TAP for Internet program provides to Missourians who cannot use traditional computer equipment, the adaptive computer equipment necessary for basic access to the internet and e-mail. The program provides such equipment as screen enlargement software, screen readers, adaptive keyboards or alternative pointing devices such as trackballs or rollerballs. The TAP-I program provides consumer support during the selection and initial usage of the adaptive equipment.

The TAP Wireless Equipment Pilot is designed to see how wireless devices can improve the ability of persons with disabilities to use telecommunications and communication tools such as e-mail, phone, text, or relay services to become more connected to their friends, families and communities. Participants may be eligible to receive a wireless device such as the iPhone®, iPad®, Jitterbug, Odin, and/or adaptive accessories. The Pilot is currently inviting applications from potential participants age 18 or older. Want more information? Go to the TAP Wireless Pilot page. Questions about the pilot can be e-mailed to: