I am interested in borrowing a device.

Where near me can I see, try or, learn more about assistive technology?

What funding resources for assistive technology are there?

I am curious about taking a loan to help me finance assistive technology.

Do you have a program that provides free or low-cost devices?

Using the telephone is difficult for me.

Is there a program that can help me access my computer and the Internet?

How can we offset the cost of purchasing assistive technology for students in our district that are on an IEP?

Our family has tried everything to find funding for our child under 21.

Tell me more about the Power Up Conference.

As a person with combined vision and hearing loss, I’m interested in accessing telecommunications tools and related training.

I am a Show Me Homes Transition Coordinator helping someone transition back to the community and assistive technology is needed for a successful transition.

What types of assistive technology training do you provide?

We want to improve our digital accessibility.

How can we make sure all learners have access to text?

Something else?