The following are the basic steps that Missouri schools should take to access NIMAS files sets from the NIMAC repository:


Provide a signed Limitation of Use Agreement (LUA) to Missouri Assistive Technology.

The district must sign a  Limitation of Use Agreement (LUA) (Word doc) with Missouri Assistive Technology (MoAT) which ensures appropriate use of NIMAS file sets, confirms the district’s agreement to coordinate with NIMAC as noted in their special education assurances under IDEA, and provides a copy of the agreement language used in textbook purchasing. The LUA need only be signed once and is kept on file at MoAT. If the contact person for the district changes, the district should notify MoAT and that information will be updated on the existing signed LUA.


Provide a copy of purchase agreement language with the signed LUA.

The district must submit with the LUA a copy of the agreement language the LEA is using for purchase of instructional materials that obligate publishers to provide NIMAS file sets to NIMAC. The agreement language must be on LEA letterhead or otherwise note the school district’s name within the document text. Sample purchasing agreement language can be found in the previous section of this web page.


Submit a Request Form for each student textbook request.

The district must submit a  Request Form, Appendix A to the LUA, (pdf) to MoAT for each student who needs electronic text to be used to produce alternative format hard copy materials or to use with assistive technology to produce audio output, refreshable Braille, enlarged text, and other digital output options. Districts are encouraged to check the NIMAC repository to ascertain if the title needed is available at the current time. To search the NIMAC database. Books can be searched by several methods including: title, edition, ISBN, publisher, copyright, etc.

For students who are visually impaired and need hard copy Braille or large print format materials, districts should first contact Missouri School for the Blind to check student’s eligibility for APH services and the availability of existing Braille or large print materials, Braille Ready/Refreshable Files (BRF), or other options for obtaining needed Braille or large print hard copy materials. Districts are also encouraged to check the Bookshare repository for available electronic files. Bookshare now offers free membership to schools and students who are documented as having print disabilities making available files in the Bookshare repository.


Receive requested file set and deliver accessible materials to eligible student.

If the requested NIMAS files set is available in the NIMAC repository, MoAT will download file set and provide it to the LEA for conversion into the appropriate specialized format(s). The LEA may also request that MoAT assign the file set to an Accessible Media Producer (AMP) that can provide the conversion for the LEA for a fee. File sets received directly from NIMAC are in XML format and must undergo some conversion to be student-ready.